What's New?

We provide cutting edge technology with our software – and with every release more functionalities and capabilities are added. We are introducing the highlights of every release in our “What’s New” section!

aspherix basic

Aspherix® Basic is a cost efficient, light weight variant of our DEM code Aspherix®. It has the same core as Aspherix® and contains numerous functionalities (many nonspherical particle shapes, numerous physical models, etc.,). It can be used on up to 8 cores.

The DEM software Aspherix® combines an established base with numerous cutting edge capabilities. It is the answer to the rapid developments in industry and our contribution to faster innovation by supporting process optimization, the creation of digital twins or advanced analyses. If you are dealing with bulk materials and fluid-solid systems – Aspherix® is the way to go! Aspherix® comes with commercial support and is highly customizable.

CFDEM®coupling – the extension for coupled CFD-DEM simulations is highly extendable and customizable, fully parallel, offers resolved and unresolved CFD-DEM, a variety of models (e.g. dragforce models), multi-phase models (e.g. 3-phase VOF-DEM and Euler-Euler-DEM). Also, it offers moving / sliding mesh capabiltities not available in other CFD-DEM software.

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