Aspherix® Basic Online Training

This package should be purchased in combination with an Aspherix® Basic license package.

Key Details

  • 5 training lessons
  • 1-month access to Aspherix® Basic course materials
  • Flexible starting date
  • Requires your own installation of Aspherix® Basic


Course Goals

  • Learning the basics of numerical particle simulations with the “Discrete Element Method” (DEM)
  • Overview of the theory of contact models, timestep restrictions, material calibration, etc.
  • Learn to use Aspherix® via GUI and command line
  • Postprocessing of Aspherix® simulations
  • Usage of functionalities such as coarsegraining, nonspherical particles and 6dof mesh solvers


Course Content

  • Theory Granular Materials
  • Theory DEM
  • Structure of a simulation case
  • The Effect of Coarsegraining
  • using the 6dof Solver
  • Simulations with nonspherical particles


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